The Apollo Express

This free shuttle service between Cooke Park Bus Stop in Parkes and the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope departs at the following times:

Saturday, 20 July                                                           Sunday, 21 July         

Departs Parkes:      Departs the telescope:                Departs Parkes:                    Departs the telescope:

9:00AM                   9:30AM                                             9:00AM                                 9:30AM

9:30AM                   10:00AM                                           9:30AM                                 10:00AM

10:30AM                 11:00AM                                           10:30AM                               11:00AM

12:00PM                  12:30PM                                           12:00PM                                12:30PM

1:30PM                     2:00PM                                            1:30PM                                   2:00PM

2:30PM                     3:30PM                                             2:30PM                                  3:30PM

3:30PM                     4:30PM