Australian Space Agency

The Australian Space Agency was created in 2018 to foster the development of the Australian space industry. The Australian space sector has a current market size of $3.9 billion and employs about 10,000 people: the Agency’s goal is to triple the size of the sector to $12 billion and create up to another 20,000 jobs by 2030.

The Agency is housed within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and is responsible for coordinating civil space matters across the whole of government. Its priority areas are:

  • Australian Space Agency logo.

    Australian Space Agency logo.

    position, navigation and timing

  • Earth observation
  • communication technologies services
  • R&D that will ‘leapfrog’ over existing technologies
  • space situational awareness
  • robotics and automation
  • access to space.

CSIRO has space-related capabilities across a range of areas. We further the Agency’s aims by:

  • running a significant R&D program in space technologies
  • identifying opportunities to work with industry and research organisations, to grow Australia’s space markets
  • working with the States and Territories to establish industry hubs and Centres of Excellence
  • leading international technical engagement.

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