The future

Technology is changing the space business, opening up new opportunities for Australia.

Satellites – essential to everyday services we enjoy here on Earth – can be smaller, cheaper and faster to build than before. Space is more accessible and new services are emerging.

At the same time, Earth observation satellites are producing more data than ever before. Increasingly, this data can now be processed in the Cloud, with the final product being accessed on a laptop or phone.

What hasn’t changed are Australia’s basic needs: to communicate over vast distances, and to monitor and manage a large landmass and huge area of ocean.

Drawing on our scientific, technical, industrial and regulatory expertise, CSIRO is a key technical adviser to the new Australian Space Agency. It’s focused on developing Australia’s space industry and delivering long-term, high-wage, high-skills jobs for Australia.

The Australian Space Agency aims to triple the size of Australia’s space economy to $12 billion by 2030, and create up to 20,000 jobs.