Supporting new technologies

Through a new $16 million research program, called the Space Technology Future Science Platform, we’re carrying out a number of projects in space-related areas, including:

  • advanced technologies for Earth observation

    Robots will play an important role in space exploration.

    Robots will play an important role in space exploration. Credit: CSIRO

  • resource utilisation in space
  • manufacturing and robotics for space missions
  • space object tracking
  • technologies for satellite communications and services
  • life support in space.

The program aims to identify and develop science to leapfrog traditional technologies, creating new areas for Australian industry to work in.

Helping Australia’s space industry

We’re working with industry to fill gaps in space-related capability, and to provide technical and financial support to help these companies thrive.

One way we do this is by running Australia’s only sci-tech accelerator program, ON, which takes concepts to market from both CSIRO and Australian universities.

We also support the emerging Australian space industry through our SME Connect program and the CSIRO Innovation Fund, managed by Main Sequence Ventures. The fund invests in new spin-outs, start-ups, and small and medium enterprises that are translating publicly funded Australian research into commercial products. In 2018 this fund invested in Australian nanosatellite communications start-up Myriota, as did the venture capital fund of our long-term research partner, Boeing.