Race in space

You will need: printer, scissors, glue, dice

Before playing the game

This is how to fold the four shuttle tokens for the game.

  1. Download and print the board [PDF, 7.55 MB], data cards and shuttle tokens [PDF, 8.30 MB].
  2. Cut out the data cards.
  3. Cut out and fold the four shuttle tokens as shown right.


  1. Shuffle the data cards and place them face down in a pile.
  2. Place your shuttle token on the Earth square. The player who rolls the highest number starts first.
  3. Roll the dice to move around the board. If you land on a ‘warp drive’ square, move forward to the square with the rocket ship. If you land on the top of a wormhole, slide down it.
  4. If you land on a DC square, pick up a data card and follow the instructions.
  5. The first person get to Mars wins the game!

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